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About Us

What We Do

CSV Compliance is the global leader in spreadsheet validation services for the Life Sciences and regulated industries. We offer a total service for spreadsheet compliance. We apply a proven three stage process, which addresses the compliance issues relating to the use and control of spreadsheets..

1. Firstly we listen to your needs and understand your regulatory drivers. We determine how our proven spreadsheet validation and compliance approach can be adapted to fit within your organisation and within your existing quality system.

2. Secondly we compile a list of your spreadsheets and capture their fundamental purpose, criticality, and an overview of their functionality. We use this information to determine whether they need to be validated and maintained in a secure and regulated environment.

3. Finally, and uniquely from CSV Compliance, we offer a complete turnkey solution for spreadsheet compliance which includes software options (and implementation services) and end user spreadsheet development and validation services.

We work with your spreadsheets and provide validated spreadsheets within a secure environments that will meet your regulatory needs.

CSV Compliance was previously a part of ABB Consulting. We are a leading supplier of spreadsheet consultancy and execution services to the global life sciences industry. We are industry recognised experts within computer systems validation and our team comprises experienced consultants who specialise in spreadsheet validation.

Who we work with

Our spreadsheet validation services have been provided to hundreds of customers worldwide. Please contact us for references.



“ We were very pleased with the efficiency and suitability of the validation philosophies defined by the process, We were able to fit their approach and supplied documentation set straight into our own quality system"


Informatics Director,
Pfizer, USA


“ Spreadsheets were identified as a compliance concern in all of our manufacturing sites worldwide. In total we estimated that there were 100 spreadsheets that we needed to deal with. They provided us with a complete solution to spreadsheet compliance. The product proved straightforward to install worldwide, despite having a variety of regional variations in Excel, language, and regional settings.”


Technical Assurance Director, SSL International

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"I just got out of an audit where the auditor asked to see the validation for DaCS. I think just seeing the volume of paper answered 80% of their questions, and the very few ones that followed were easily answered. The auditors are very impressed by the content and structure. I almost enjoy being called into an audit regarding the spreadsheet now!"


Quality Manager, Multisorb, USA