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DaCS™ Software Demonstrations

The DaCS™ Interface

This video provides a general overview of what DaCS™ is and how it operates within your Excel environment. It provides some examples of DaCS controlled files in routine operation.

Video length 21 minutes.

DaCS™ Audit Trail

This video demonstrates how the DaCS™ audit trail works and how the data is displayed. It shows configuration options to ensure your audit trail present the information you need.

Video length 10 minutes.

DaCS™ Security

This video demonstrates the DaCS™ security features and how they integrate into your own network applications. It also shows the more advanced protection features which protect your data.

Video length 17 minutes.

DaCS™ Electronic Signatures

This video demonstrates how the DaCS™ electronic Signature functionality operates to give you 21 CFR Part 11 compliant e-signatures, allowing you to remove paper outputs from your processes.

Video length 13 minutes.

DaCS™ Configuration

This video demonstrates how DaCS™ environment is configured and gives you a feel for the flexibility that exists for configuring DaCS™ to suit your environment and spreadsheets.

Video length 12 minutes.

DaCS™ Integration

This video demonstrates how DaCS™ can be configured and integrated into your existing business processes to improve efficiency and productivity whilst remaining in complete control of you data.

Video length 12 minutes.